Sunday Currently Vol. 4

Feeling under the weather the whole weekend so I have no choice but to stay home and wait until I’m all better.

Reading “What’s So Great About Christianity” by Dinesh D’Souza. I have only read three chapters so far. It is very informative. I like how it is written, no emotional manipulation, just facts.

Writing this blog entry. Oh, and speaking of writing, I am so glad that a rather sensitive email I sent last Friday actually got a positive reply. I am so glad that my boss backed me up on that one. I was really scared after I sent that email.

Listening to my fan and the sound of cars outside.

Thinking of how I would feel better the soonest and also how my being friendly feels like a curse sometimes. I hate it when married guys try to push their boundaries especially when I am friends with their wives. Ugh. I am NOT that kind of woman, I am just really friendly! 

Smelling nothing. Runny nose! *insert crying emoji*

Wishing to feel better really, really soon! I hate being sick.

Hoping that no friendship would have to be given up this time, that commitments would not only be kept but respected.

Wearing my loose tank top that I bought in Bangkok and my soft, blue capri.

Loving the chill time I have right now. If I was feeling well, I would have been scrubbing and cleaning right now.

Wanting to lose my tummy fats!!!

Needing to feel well. Do I have to say that again?

Feeling sick, weak, nauseous. Wahhh!!! I can’t take this anymore!