Oh, To Be Young!

No one has to fight aging, as long as they’re aging gracefully, and hopefully, healthily. So for the young(er) ones, enjoy the pace of life. Do not try to grow up too fast so when you’re old, you would not try to act the way you would when you were young. Remember, you will always be young in an older person’s eye. Someone will always tell you, “oh, you’re still young!” I still get that at 32.

There is no elixir to stop aging but if you would embrace the skin you’re in (sounds like an ad), and even the hair you have, you would not look old so fast. Just take care of yourself, avoid harsh chemicals, eat healthy, sleep well, exercise, hydrate.

I thought about writing this because I remembered my mom. She had her hair straightened but her hair is naturally curly. I wish she would let her hair grow out and have nice haircut. Just have some treatments to tame her hair. I think she would look prettier with that.

I know the flow of thoughts is not smooth…but I will not apologize. hahaha…I acknowledge that that is how random my thoughts go. One idea leads to the next so now, there is no cohesive thought. Okay, I’ll stop now.



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Here I Go Again

The badminton tournament ended last week. Monday night, I was able to do yoga for 30 minutes. I  took a shower, made a smoothie, washed the dishes, read a little bit then I felt sleepy. It was just 9 pm! I took advantage of it and went straight to bed. I probably fell asleep around 9:30. And because of that, I woke up at 6 am the next day. Hallelujah! 

Last night, I tried to sleep early again but I got to bed around 10 pm. I was having menstrual cramps so I was not able to exercise which I assumed was the reason why I felt sleepy later than the night before. I did not use my alarm clock this morning though and woke up at 6:30. I don’t consider it a regression because of my current situation. I even felt dizzy (still) when I got up. Like I had to sit down for a while and make sure that I have my balance before I could stand. Oh the monthly struggle, it’s real!