Our family never owned a house. We have never even stayed in a house for more than 5 years. The nature of my dad’s job requires us to move after every few years.
When filling up a form, I hate it when I have to fill in the blank for “Permanent Address”. I always, always have to pause and think. My permanent address keeps changing. I used to remedy the situation by using my grandparents’ address but when they died and the family home was sold, I am without a permanent address again.

Whenever I am in Manila, I have to rely on friends and hope that at least one of them would be willing to adopt me. God has been gracious, He never left me without a place to stay. He always provides.

When I turned 30, as life would have it, I was on an unintentional extended vacation. I was staying in a friend’s condo unit and for a year, I had a place I could call home.

That experience made me realize that now, I am willing to sacrifice traveling for the sake of investing in something that I could call home. Right now, just the thought of it gives me direction and purpose in working. I found a reason valuable enough to leave this country again and be away from my family. Right now, just looking at the prices of properties makes me think how I would ever be able to acquire one but I know that with dedication and commitment, I would be able to have it. God will provide. He always does. I might have to wait a little longer but it does not matter. God will give it when the time is right. In His perfect time. For now, I am just grateful to have found a purpose. I am working for a reason. I finally have a vision.