Fasting Experience 

I have an over the top relationship with food. A couple of years ago, when I was about to go somewhere else, my friends prepared a video tribute for me. 90% of the video was about my love for food.

I am going through a spiritual journey and one thing I have never done was fasting. Given my aforementioned relationship with food, I thought it would be impossible for me to survive even just a day without it. Past experiences have shown me that when I skip a meal, I get super cranky, like Godzilla level. Also, I get so nauseous even just after half an hour of delayed food. Hypoglycemia or something. 

We had a spiritual camp meeting a couple of weeks ago. The speaker, Andrew Michell related his fasting experiences. There were no mind-boggling miracles that happened but there were definitely great unexpected things and ideas. I felt that it was the right thing to do because I was feeling a plateau in my spiritual life as well.

We had an intimate dinner with him after the camp meeting and I asked him how to prepare for fasting. He said I have to know the purpose of why I am doing it and I should start skipping supper so that my stomach would get used to being empty for longer time. I thought I would do that for two weeks and then I would fast. Come Friday, fifth day of my preparation and I thought I should start already. 

I have a lot of requests that need answers, personal, for my family, and for our church.   We needed to raise $3000 for the next couple of days and as of that day, we have only collected $450. It was also the best time to start because I observe the Sabbath. It would be a great time for my stomach to rest as well.

I planned on doing a 24-hour fast, from Friday sunset to Sabbath sunset. I ate my supper at 5 pm on Friday. I had a nightmare that night because my body was not used to eating at night anymore. Other than that, the fast went on smoothly. I did not feel any struggle. I was actually surprised that I was alert the whole day, I did not feel sleepy even during my nap hours. 

The Sabbath day ended and I went home from church, did some chores, ate a pear and drank soy milk. I did not research well though on how to end a fast. Apparently, I was not supposed to eat a regular amount of meal. We had a celebration in church that night which, of course, included lots of food. Again, given my relationship with food, I ate and even had some dessert. The result was me not sleeping until 2:30 am. 

Nothing spectacular happen during the fast. After the fast though, my prayers seemed to be a lot more focused and clear even if I was already sleepy. And today, the amount that we needed to raise is almost met. We’re only short by $104. Of course, I would not take credit for that because the whole church prayed about it but I believe my prayers helped. 

Despite some errors that I could have avoided to make the experience better, that first fast was good enough. I would definitely want to make fasting a regular part of my life.