I have been blogging since 2004. My first blog ever was in Friendster. I kept updating that blog for about 3 years and then I switched to Multiply when I realized that the “cool” people were there. They were both public. I wanted to have a secret blog so I created one in Blogspot. I update that blog whenever I feel like venting or ranting about people and stuff.

I have not visited that blog for over a year now. I also created another blog in Blogspot that I update quite regularly while I am in Palau until January of this year (2013). Life happened, things changed. My blogging “career” died because my life focused on one thing. I could not even bring myself to reading what is in that blog anymore because of several reasons. One of them is poor writing skill.

I realized that my writing skill would not improve unless I start writing again. Just like every other person who wants to take control of their life once again, I have listed things that I have to do. I searched the internet for suggestions and I saw this article. I decided to copy them and I’m trying to do all except adopting a pet.

my visual board in my room

Comments and feedback are very much welcome. I can handle criticisms fairly well. Trust me. I would only burn your house once. I’m kidding, of course. It’s not gonna be just your house. Your car burns with it too. xoxo