Better Pokmaru Than Pusong Bato

A friend posted a meme on Facebook about not assuming anything about a boy-girl friendship. I mean, it’s true that to avoid getting hurt, one must not assume that there is more to the nice deeds than plainly being nice. But it got me thinking, should we always guard our hearts to avoid being hurt? What would that give you? A heart that has never been hurt? A heart that cannot be hurt anymore? What’s the use of that? Should we only develop feelings for the person  who likes us back? Is that the rule?

I ask these because I’ve liked a lot of guys; for some, the feelings were mutual; for some, the timing was off; but not all of them liked me back the way I wanted them to (hashtag friendzone). I never regret liking any of them, even the unrequited ones. They are all still my friends, by the way. I always look back and smile whenever I remember how giddy I felt receiving a text from someone even though he made it clear that we are just friends or how girly I felt when a crush jokingly gave me a rose he picked up somewhere. I remember the sting I felt when a crush told me about his crush (cue Taylor Swift song…🎶she wears high heels, I wear sneakers 🎶). I mean, those things get fewer and farther in between as you get older. So if I get a teeny tiny bit of a crush right now, I relish those moments. I enjoy daydreaming of the possibilities and then laugh it off a few months after when I remember those daydreams because adulting means if something doesn’t get acted on, I would eventually forget it because adulting.

So, to conclude this not so relevant topic, it’s better to be pokmaru. Think like everything is possible, be a little less careless with your heart, allow it to be hurt. Then heal. Rinse and repeat.


Author: ojgetsanotherblog

A hormonal, overly emotional know-it-all.

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