Thoughts On Matthew Perry

I have a confession to make. I have not watched FRIENDS until last week. Ok, maybe I was able to watch 3 episodes when they were still airing and that’s it. I was not going to get hooked because the whole thing seemed to revolve around Rachel and Ross’ romance or the lack of it and Ross is not my favorite character because he’s too weak.

But then, Chandler and Monica! I am such a sucker for friends-to-lovers love stories. Plus, a strong, domineering woman and a funny, witty guy who does not have a problem with it? Come on, that is totally #goals. So, it was their fault that I got hooked; although my favorite character for laughter was Phoebe.

Honestly, after the episode where they did not get married but there was a dedication for Courteney and David who did get married, I googled who David was. I know, I am not much into Hollywood, okay? After a couple of days did I find out that they were already divorced. I still don’t own a TV as of today, mind you so don’t be too surprised.

However, I was having a FRIENDS withdrawal syndrome after I finished binge watching so I searched for some of their interviews in YouTube. I found out the Matthew never got married. I feel so sad for him. I was of course flirting with the idea that he and Courteney should be together in real life but I know it’s not going to happen (and just between you and me, I’m still hoping).

I’m pretty sure that he is fine with his life now, working on things that matter to him but still, I am hoping that he would find someone even if they get divorced later on. I mean, he is such a cool guy, he is so smart and funny! He might be a perfectionist and very idealistic that’s why it’s hard for him to maintain a relationship but he is such a good catch, I think. Okay, I am probably projecting on him but I’m right, right?

Anyway, Matthew, I hope you find someone. *flips hair, bats eyelashes*


Author: ojgetsanotherblog

A hormonal, overly emotional know-it-all.

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