Diving & Climbing

Going to Nepal last year has definitely changed me. I used to like the oceans more than the mountains. Now, I’m torn. Scuba diving is less physically tolling than mountain climbing, that’s for sure. I think it’s the beauty of it, the struggle of the climb. Also, I have lived my whole life in the tropics so last year was the first time I have ever seen glaciers or even just snow…and boy, are they beautiful!

I still love the oceans, don’t get me wrong. It’s a different kind of adventure. Breathing or holding your breath underwater, equalizing, seeing creatures up close, creatures you only see in books. It’s like a birthday surprise. You don’t know what to expect and once you see it, it’s amazing!

They are both spiritual experiences for me. In diving, you don’t get to talk to anyone. In a way, it is a form of meditation. For about 30 minutes, you are just a spectator of nature’s display. You have to be one with the ocean. Especially when you are diving in Palau where the waters are abundant with sharks, you would not want to look foreign.

In climbing mountains, the climb is also a meditation because I haven’t met anyone, no matter how strong, who keeps talking while walking all the way to the top. That would take serious effort to do! But once you get to your destination, you could mingle, you could socialize, you could talk about the things that matter or just have fun.

I saw an IGS post about a bachelorette hike. Smart women who are also strong having fun and having intelligent conversation. Wow! I wish I could have all those too.


Thoughts On Matthew Perry

I have a confession to make. I have not watched FRIENDS until last week. Ok, maybe I was able to watch 3 episodes when they were still airing and that’s it. I was not going to get hooked because the whole thing seemed to revolve around Rachel and Ross’ romance or the lack of it and Ross is not my favorite character because he’s too weak.

But then, Chandler and Monica! I am such a sucker for friends-to-lovers love stories. Plus, a strong, domineering woman and a funny, witty guy who does not have a problem with it? Come on, that is totally #goals. So, it was their fault that I got hooked; although my favorite character for laughter was Phoebe.

Honestly, after the episode where they did not get married but there was a dedication for Courteney and David who did get married, I googled who David was. I know, I am not much into Hollywood, okay? After a couple of days did I find out that they were already divorced. I still don’t own a TV as of today, mind you so don’t be too surprised.

However, I was having a FRIENDS withdrawal syndrome after I finished binge watching so I searched for some of their interviews in YouTube. I found out the Matthew never got married. I feel so sad for him. I was of course flirting with the idea that he and Courteney should be together in real life but I know it’s not going to happen (and just between you and me, I’m still hoping).

I’m pretty sure that he is fine with his life now, working on things that matter to him but still, I am hoping that he would find someone even if they get divorced later on. I mean, he is such a cool guy, he is so smart and funny! He might be a perfectionist and very idealistic that’s why it’s hard for him to maintain a relationship but he is such a good catch, I think. Okay, I am probably projecting on him but I’m right, right?

Anyway, Matthew, I hope you find someone. *flips hair, bats eyelashes*


I miss the pre-social media times. Those times when texting was enough to keep in touch. Sure, communication is cheaper now but that’s really how it’s gotten…cheap.

I remember before when I would feel giddy whenever I would receive a call or a text message that was not “sent to all.” I think I haven’t moved on from that era; which is why almost all of my friends say that I am a low maintenance friend. I rarely communicate with them unless something’s up.

I’m feeling like I’m having a sensory overload lately. I feel like unfollowing a lot of people on my Instagram but then again, this is the age of social media. When you unfollow someone, they would think you don’t like them or that you are not really friends. Yes, that’s how shallow a lot of friendships have become.

Oh well, this is just my introverted side speaking. My dominant but not at all obvious trait. Rant over. Excuse me while I google “how to filter trending posts on my IG.”