Indecision is a Decision

There are so many unknowns in the future. If you choose one, what would be the cost of foregoing the other option? If you do not choose anything at all, would you have missed the opportunity? Or if you decide on one thing, what if a better opportunity comes up?

So many unknowns, so much risks.

However, whether you like it or not, to be able to prosper, to move forward, to grow, you have to make decisions and own up to it. Make a wrong decision, make a right decision, either way, grow and learn. Make adjustments along the way. Change course in the future if necessary or if it is possible.

No matter how significant an information is, if it is no longer timely, it loses its significance.

Failing to decide is already a decision. You are deciding that you do not want what is being offered to you, you are deciding to give another person to be offered the same opportunity, you are deciding to allow the person or persons who are currently giving you an opportunity to look elsewhere. Failing to decide is deciding to thwart your progress. It means you are not willing to take the responsibility of the consequences of your decisions. It means that you would rather let another person or circumstances take control of your life.

The door of opportunity is not always open. When it closes, no matter how hard you knock on it, it might not open again. The key is taking calculated risks. Understand that you can’t win it all at once. Sometimes, you win them little by little. If you fail in one, rise, and make another decision to make things better.

I have never met a successful person who does not know how to decide.

So go ahead, decide, grow.



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Word Vomit

So many things have been going through my mind the last couple of days. I wanted to share them because I think they’re valuable but I am a born multi-tasker. Once I sit down and think only of that specific thing, the idea just leaves and then would come back whenever I’m doing the dishes or cooking or practicing playing the piano. It is very frustrating.

I could also be writing down something and then it would just have a life of its own and the point I was originally thinking goes down the drain, never to be found again. This post is an example. I was originally thinking about decision making and men and setting goals and another thing I could not ever remember anymore. I guess I should keep my day job.