Nepal (Mis)Adventure Days 4 & 5: Syange

I’m currently here in my room, resting. Originally, I should be hiking up north today but I can feel that my body is still adjusting to sudden increase in physical activity and altitude so I decided to give it time to recuperate which I guess is also God’s way of telling me to rest because it’s Sabbath day.

That was my activity from yesterday. I walked a total of 19.1 km. The second half of that took more time than the first half because I was already tired, obviously and because of two of my most dreaded things during a hike: stairs and descents. This trail gave me descending stairs!!!! I literally felt like crying. My thought bubble was: will I ever make it? Where is the next ascent? Where will these stairs end? Halp!

When I got to Ghermu, where most trekkers stay, I decided that I should go to the next village, Syange. I asked for directions froma guy and he said he’s going to Syange too and he has a guest house. He offered to carry one of my backpacks, and thank God he did because guess what…more descending stairs! 😭

He offered me a free stay as long as I eat my meals with them which is fine with me because their meal prices are just the same as my previous lodging in Bhulbule.

When I told him this morning that I will be staying with them for one more day, he offered to take me to the nearby falls. It’s beautiful!

It’s freezing though so we didn’t stay long. Syange is a very peaceful village. I’m glad I stayed an extra day.

This view makes me feel like I am inthe Bible times. This is probably the kind of view that King David was looking at when he wrote the 23rd Psalm.


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