Nepal (Mis)Adventure Day 3: Bhulbule

To be able to go to the Annapurna Circuit trek, you have to ride a bus to Besisahar or to Bhulbule which is farther into the trek. Some tourists opt to go to Pokhara from Kathmandu because tourist buses only go through that route. Should a hiker choose to do that, he should stay the night in Pokhara and then ride a bus the next day from Pokhara to Besisahar/Bhulbule. So, you would actually waste a day for the sake of comfort.

I chose to ride the local bus and go directly to Besisahar originally. However, the ride took longer than I expected and walking from Besisahar to Bhulbule would take 4 hours. I did not want to risk walking in the dark on my first day so I chose to ride farther.

How does the bus that I was in look like? If you have ever been to Manila or are familiar with the place, you would know the killer buses. No AC, really old, driver drives like crazy, that kind of bus. That’s almost exactly how their local buses here are like.

So today, nothing much happened except the Japanese roommate decided to go ahead, she woke up super early! I woke up at 5:30 am and she wasn’t there anymore. We agreed on it the night before though. So, here I am, trekking alone. There were two people in the bus with me earlier, a Spanish lady and an American guy. We were the only ones who did not have guides.

I checked in immediately upon arriving so that I can relax early and leave early tomorrow as well.

I realized that the signs here are in number of trekking hours and not by kilometric/mile distance like the next village is 1.5 hours. That realization is making me scared because the landlady in this lodge said that my food will be ready in 30 minutes and it’s been more than an hour since and my food is still not here. I plan to walk the 5-hour destination tomorrow. How long would it possibly be in real life?


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