Nepal (Mis)Adventure Day 2: Kathmandu (Rated SPG)

I need to hit the sack soonest because tomorrow early morning, I will be traveling to Besisahar so I need to wake up at 5:30 am. Tomorrow is the day, everyone! I will finally start the real adventure. Please pray that the local bus I will be in would not have any problems and that I would arrive in Besisahar early enough to trek for about two hours more.

My roommates and I are all going to the Annapurna Circuit but not at the same time. We decided to go and get our permits together.

For Filipino readers: search Jadine’s Bahala Na before you proceed and play that while you read. Follow instructions!

Ok, so we went to the Tourist Service Center just outside of Thamel.

To get our TIMS permit, the permit to trek the spots in Nepal and the ACAP permit to trek Annapurna. Each costs Rs2,000.

The whole process did not take long and we got our permits in less than 30 mins.

An obligatory selfie to celebrate.

Ok, altogether now: 🎵🎶 Naniniwala na ako sa forever magmula ng makilala kita…na na na na na na 🎶🎵

Hanggang ngayong gabi na lang kami magkasama ni poreber. We went our separate ways after that naglakad lang kaming dalawang magkasama ng konti. I decided to go to Durbar Square where this happened:

Every where I go, someone would tell me that I look like someone they know. In fairness to me, many people here look a lot like Filipinos.

The Square is a place of several Hindu temples. It is where their living goddess, Kumari, lives. I hired a guide who explained to me the process of choosing her. Basically, a three year old girl who was born on a full moon with the right zodiac sign and palm lines would be chosen and be subjected to a lot of traumatic things and she’s not supposed to cry or get scared. Things like watching hundreds of animals get killed, staying in a room alone with scary objects and priests wearing scary costumes and playing scary music.

One of the temples that stood out for me was the “Hippie” temple. They called it that because during the 60’s and 70’s, Westerners would come and buy hash across the street and get high in that temple. He said even Jimi Hendrix performed there. Ewan ko lang kung ineechos lang ako ni kuya guide ha? Unfortunately, it was destroyed by the 2015 earthquake.

Another interesting thing for everyone, I’m sure is the Kama Sutra temple. Yes, the carvings are rated SPG.

Do you see the carvings? Here, I’ll zoom it in for you, you pervs.

What’s funny is that just across is a god in the form of a monkey whose eyes were covered. He said it is because he is a celibate god and he’s not supposed to see the Kama Sutra things. I mean, seriously? How cruel can they get? The guy is a virgin and should be a virgin forever and they put right in front of him the sex temple. The planners of those temples are just sinister. Couldn’t they put him in another location, like beside the Kumari’s residence perhaps because she’s a child and innocent. That poor monkey god.

Anyway, after that, I went to the Swayambhunath, I did not hire a guide this time. Basically, it was all stairs before you reach the idol.

There were even more steps before that.

There was nice view of Kathmandu from up there with the Himalayas as the backdrop.

After that, I walked all the way to Thamel and incidentally, I met my trekking demigod roommate and she decided we should walk home. So here is the summary of my activity for today:

And with that, I am exhausted right now and I have to go to bed. Good night!


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4 thoughts on “Nepal (Mis)Adventure Day 2: Kathmandu (Rated SPG)”

  1. I’ve always been curious about Kumaris as I only watched them in documentaries. Were you able to take selfies with the living goddess? 😄

    And to think that you’re travelling on your own and exploring an unfamiliar place makes me admire you more. What a courage person you are. Perk of being single though- You can travel and spend and travel and spend for yourself … 😄

    Liked by 1 person

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