Book (barely) review: 50 Shades of Grey

I know it’s not a thing anymore but my curiosity got the better of me today and I decided to try reading the book. 

I cannot. Ana (Anastacia) was too annoying. For someone whose major is in literature, you would expect to have a wider vocabulary than holy crap, holy cow, holy whatever that is not supposed to be holy. She is just one horny virgin. Like after their first conversation, every word that ever comes out of her mouth is how much she wants to be screwed by Mr. Grey.

I did not finish reading the book. I have very low tolerance for stupid girls. It’s just another fantasy book which leverages on girls’ insecurities. Ana was described as a girl without anything special. She’s clumsy, has unruly hair, and is too pale. Yet somehow, a dashing multimillionaire cannot get enough of her. Yep. 


Author: ojgetsanotherblog

A hormonal, overly emotional know-it-all.

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