Day 2 6:29 am

Okay, so I guess this is regression. But…I actually have an excuse for it. I played badminton last night. I was so tired, my body takes a while to cool down. I would still be hyper a couple of hours after an intense physical activity so I got to bed around 11:30, I read for maybe 15 minutes, and then decided to try going to sleep. I fell asleep in a short while.


  1. I got up.
  2. Said my prayer.
  3. Got out of bed.
  4. Took out my frozen bagels
  5. Drank a glass of warm water
  6. Cooked scrambled eggs and toasted the bagels
  7. Ate breakfast
  8. Took a shower
  9. Dressed up
  10. Went to the staff devotional.

Time check: 7:29 am

So, even if I got up later than yesterday, I made it a couple of minutes earlier to staff devotional. I had to miss morning exercise though. I thought I’d give myself a break because my body can’t take it. I was still feeling a bit tired when I got up.

Effect of waking up early:

Yesterday, I did not feel hungry until I got my lunch due to the heavy breakfast I was able to have. BUT around 11 am, my eyes already had trouble staying open. I literally had to go to the bathroom and get some shut eye for a couple of minutes just to be able to function. I went to bed past midnight the night before so it’s no surprise. I’ll see if I could make it through today without falling asleep while on the job.


Author: ojgetsanotherblog

A hormonal, overly emotional know-it-all.

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