Sunday Currently Vol. 2

Wow, it’s been more than a month! I survived the very busy season and now, I can have some good downtime again. 

Reading “Francona – The Red Sox Years”. I am not a follower of MLB. Reading about the lives of extraordinary people inspires me though and I don’t mind learning a thing or two more about baseball. I’m also reading “Prayers” by Ellen G. White. It is a very inspiring and powerful book that can change the way you pray. You know, not just uttering a prayer that won’t get past the ceiling, as a Filipino saying goes.

Writing. Just this entry. My most recent “writing” activity was when I made the promotional newsletter for the Agri and Aqua Fair last Friday.

Listening to the noise outside. Sounds of cars passing by and of construction.

Thinking of a lot of philosophical things and ideologies. Last week was a hard one to survive for me emotionally but God answered my prayers in a very tangible way that reminded me how He’s always there for me even if I am more overwhelmed by my troubles.

Smelling my breakfast. At 11:32 am. (Fried egg and toast)

Wishing to receive a travel/adventure surprise soon, preferably to 🇯🇵. 😉 

Hoping. Now, this part I am not so sure. My prayers just got answered and now I don’t know what else to wish for. To be stronger maybe? So that I would not have any problem for my trekking plan.

Wearing a long, black sleeveless dress that I only wear inside the house.

Loving the conversations I had last night. It gave me the much needed emotional boost.

Wanting to go out and eat and just feel pretty. 💁🏻

Needing to lose some fats in the tummy area. I haven’t gained weight but I look like it. #bloated

Feeling just right. Not ecstatic, not lonely, not excited…you know, one of those days when you are not wishing you are somewhere else but you also wouldn’t mind going out.


Author: ojgetsanotherblog

A hormonal, overly emotional know-it-all.

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