Day 1 6:09 am

I have been trying to start my day early. Today, I finally decided to get out of bed after just one press of the snooze button. I usually press the snooze button until after 7:00. haha.


  1. Got up.
  2. Prayed.
  3. Drank water.
  4. Did 10 minute ab exercise.
  5. Cooked french toast.
  6. Ate breakfast.
  7. Turned on my Wi-Fi.
  8. Checked Twitter (while eating).
  9. Washed the dishes.
  10. Took a shower
  11. Got dressed.
  12. Brushed my hair.
  13. Rushed to the staff morning devotional.

Time check: 7:32 am.


Author: ojgetsanotherblog

A hormonal, overly emotional know-it-all.

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