This Paradise Feels Like a Prison SometimesĀ 

I couldn’t compose a decent intro so I’d go straight to the point. This place is a mental prison sometimes. I know I have friends I can talk to online who would know exactly what I am talking about whenever I feel like it but there are times when I need someone who is physically here. Someone who would give me a real time reaction, spontaneous conversation. 

Don’t get me wrong. I have friends here and I love them all so much. They are all so precious. But I am looking for a fellow woman who gets me. I want the thoughts, ideas to flow, to be shared. I need the conversation where you lose track of time because both of you are learning from each other, not one monopolizing the conversation.

I miss being surrounded by really strong women. Women who are secure. I can’t even express it into words. It’s just that when you find them, you know. 

I have no problem finding men who I can talk to in that manner, their wives have a problem with me though. šŸ˜³



Have you ever felt like you want to laze around after a couple of strenuous months? I was so excited to get done with the audit and accreditation stuff so that I could go back to my regular schedule but after all the commotion, here I am, looking for that push and motivation to get started. 

That motivation is just around the corner for sure because what better motivation is there than a deadline? It’s almost the end of the month so I need to have the payroll ready or else. I have to work on the financial statements also for management review. I just wish I could sleep early and wake up early. If I’m up early, it’s an almost sure indication that that day will productive. It’s soooo hard to get out of bed early though. There’s a badminton tournament again and I just can’t sleep early no matter how tired I was. Actually, the more physical the game is, the harder it is for me to fall asleep.

It’s a cycle. I need to restart my body clock again. I need it so bad because I also have to start training for the Annapurna Circuit trek that I am planning to do on November. 

Hay, Ojhea…focus. Focus. Focus. January is almost over and before you know it, November would come knocking at your door. Better be ready. Remember, for the Circuit adventure to be possible, you have do everything in your job on time. TIME management, dude! 

Ok, I just really need to do some pep talk for myself (I need an expert. Lol). I just have to really wake up and not be a zombie, then I could work. For now, I need brrrraaaaiiinnnnsssss!!! 

Author’s note: See how messed up the flow of thoughts is? Yep.