Sunday (not) Currently Vol. 1

This should have been a Sunday Currently post as started by . I planned on doing it yesterday but the day was really full. I was so tired when I got home. I would try to do better next Sunday. This is my first one so I hope I do good. 

Reading “My Beloved World” by Sonia Sotomayor. It’s her memoir on her journey to being a Supreme Court Justice. Her story is inspiring, albeit a little scary for me. I share quite a substantial similarity in personality with her. Let’s just say I’m undecided if I like it.

Writing a secret favor for a friend. It’s pordalab. 

Listening to karaoke belting by my kuyas in the island. Of course, I sang a good number of songs too at the beginning but once they got hold of the mic, I had to wait a while before I was able to do a number again. I was quiet for a time because they were singing songs that came out before I was even born.

Thinking of my family back in the Philippines especially my sister. How one wrong decision could adversely affect multiple lives and if there’s a chance of restoration of damages done. Can’t help but evaluate my life as well. Wondering if I’m making the right decisions and if change is coming my way soon. 

Smelling chicken barbecue, chicken adobo, and grilled tuna cooking in the background. I’m the princess in this gathering, the guys are doing all the cooking. 

Wishing for some changes in my life soon. Some break in the routine, a restart in the cycle, some pleasant surprises, for a better year in general. 

Hoping for answers to my prayers, answers to my questions, for better relationships, a new mental floss. 

Wearing my loose girl-with-an-attitude blue shirt and soft long pants.

Loving how God makes me feel loved. Like this weekend, I was crying to Him on Friday night and then I got a message that made me smile and even laugh the next day. He never fails to do that every time I reach rock bottom emotionally. To that person who could have won a Miss Universe Q&A, thank you so much! I really needed that laugh. I also love that my car is so clean again courtesy of my frienemy. 

Wanting a renewed relationship with God, real friendships without complications, to read more inspiring books, to have long, sensible conversations.

Needing to finish my audit schedules. I know I sound like a broken record on this already but I’m almost there, I only need a few more adjustments. 

Feeling tired, happy, and full from all the holiday celebrations.

So there goes my Sunday (non) current recap. 



For the last couple of weeks, my news feed has been all about weddings and engagements and here I am, busy with audit preparations.

I haven’t gone out in a while, even with friends or even alone. I feel like it’s been forever. #mayforever

Anyway, with all of these celebrations of love around me, I start to wonder again, how did they do it? I am not all thrilled about the weddings but I am really curious how they met someone to love for the rest of their lives and how the feelings are mutual that they were able to decide to be together for the rest of their lives. 

It’s also making me wonder, would I get a(nother) shot at that? Would I ever find someone I would want to spend the rest of my waking moments with, someone I would not give up on, no matter the drama (I am really hoping for the least drama in a relationship)? I am honestly hoping I would too. I want to experience this overrated, drama-inducing, needless stressing, roller coaster of emotions, but incomparable bliss thing you call relationship and/or marriage. 

They say it would all come in God’s time. Hopefully, His time is in 2017. Uhm, Lord, you there? 


When did life start to get so complicated? When did I have to think what impact my actions would have on other people? Since when has insecurity gotten so powerful that it could cause people to destroy each other? 

When I was younger, I thought that when I grow up, conflicts would be handled differently. People would deal with them face to face, involving only those people who are concerned. I thought people would be more open and would clarify things first before jumping to conclusions. Needless to say, I was wrong.

When emotions are in the way, there is no mature or immature, there are only those that are hurt and those who caused them to be hurt…and hurt people hurt people. 


I was one of those kids who could not wait to grow up and be on my own. I have always imagined myself having my own place and being in control. Being the eldest among siblings, I constantly have to act matured and responsible. It was not very hard to do it, I was it.

Now that I have reached actual adulthood and experiencing the freedom and independence that I have long dreamed of, I feel good…well, most of the time.

There are times when I dream of the time when I was sick as a child and have been coughing the whole night, I would hear my mom in the morning telling everyone to let me sleep in because I did not have much sleep during the night. I would feel so warm and relieved deep inside knowing that I could rest and just get well.

Now, as an adult, no matter how little sleep I had the night before, I have to drag my butt to the shower in the morning to get ready for work because I have deadlines, I have responsibilities, I need to show up. Oh adulting…sometimes I wish I could just pause you for a while.