No. I did not survive. I had it reinstalled after a few days. I realized, since I would be here in Palau, I would not be able to check Facebook as often anyway. Plus, it’s the only place where I would see the updates about my niece and nephew. I decided though that I would make my own timeline very personal. It would only have my opinions, pictures that I uploaded, very limited selfies, and updates about what I am doing. I would not be sharing memes anymore, neither will I share other people’s posts. Quotes would be posted every now and then if deemed important. Yes, in my own space, it would be about me, my family and my friends. No trying to be witty or funny for the sake of likes. I would use Facebook for the reason I joined it, to connect with friends and family. So help me God.


Author: ojgetsanotherblog

A hormonal, overly emotional know-it-all.

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