Today, I uninstalled my Facebook app. Since I am in the Philippines and I am online 24/7, I have been very updated on Facebook. I am not deactivating my account, I still have my FB messenger because it is still the most convenient way for most people to communicate. However, Facebook these days has been a very unhealthy environment. There are rare posts that I enjoy. I am probably just getting old. I get annoyed more often than pleased with the posts I see.

I remember before when Facebook was still personal. All your posts are your thoughts, your pictures, about what you are actually thinking, going through or doing. It used to be more private. Now, it’s just memes…memes everywhere! Even the opinions are just “shared” ones. Just search for someone eloquent, share his opinion, and voila! Whatever happened to thinking? Making your own ideas? Have we gotten so lazy already, we could not be bothered to think for ourselves anymore?

I decided to leave now because I catch myself becoming more negative about everyone and the whole Facebook community. I don’t know if I would still post every once and a while. I would probably just blog more often whenever I need to share something about my life or my thoughts. At least, in this minute space of the whole wide web, I can choose the contents that I read, the information that I get. So, I guess, it’s back to the old, wordy blog for me again!