The student missionaries are leaving soon. They are planning their meet up in the States. They are inviting me to join them and I totally wish I could. They are also inviting me to go with them to the States and actually stay there. I said I have work here.

“What are you going to do here?”
“What’s in here?”
“Let’s go to the States, and find our life partners.”
“You’ll be able to find a job in the States as well.”

One day, I know I will be asking God again why I am here, why He brought me here, if this is all there is in this life.

That day is not today.

Today, I am happy with learning my job, being good at it and being able to contribute to an institution that needs me.

Today, I know why I am here. I know why God brought me here, and I have nothing more to ask for in this life I am living right now.

Today, I am content.


Author: ojgetsanotherblog

A hormonal, overly emotional know-it-all.

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