DAVID part1

We’ve been having a camp meeting since Wednesday night and I am blessed with each message. Since sleep would probably be another hour from now because I had a couple of hours sleep this afternoon, I decided to share whatever notes I’ve made from the sermons.

The first message was about David and his struggles. The story focused on 1 Samuel 19-22. In this story, we can learn that David lost 5 things (I know, it’s 6 but I forgot the other one so if anyone would be kind enough to remind me what I missed, I will edit this entry. hehe).

What he lost:
1. wife
2. bestfriend
3. job
4. pastor (Samuel)
5. dignity (he acted like a mad man- 1Sam 21:13)

He was living the life. He loved his job. He had a beautiful wife. His bestfriend was close by. He was close to his spiritual adviser. He was a celebrated warrior…but he lost all those. He was already anointed to be the next king. That was probably what he was expecting to be the next phase in his life, to be crowned king because he knew he was already chosen by God but his life went from good to worst. Totally different from what would normally be expected. However, in losing, he learned three valuable things.

1. We attract what we are. 

1 Sam. 22:2 And everyone who was in distress, everyone who was in debt, and everyone who was discontented gathered to him. So he became captain over them. And there were about four hundred men with him.

If you are complaining about your environment and the people around you, you must take a good look at yourself. YOU might be the problem. The men who came to David were people who were in the same circumstances as he was. 

2. Be the best, give your best, even at your worst.

David was living in a cave, the men he had were not the trained warriors, he practically had nothing. His lack did not stop him from using what little he has. He did not let his circumstances to determine his efforts.

If you are faithful where you are, God will put you where you need to be. 

You don’t have to look at what other people have that you don’t. We all have different stories, different journeys. 

3. God is enough.

David might not have all the trained men, all the armors and weapons, the finances to support him and his men, but he has God. He is enough.

Every hero character in the Bible had to go through three phases: Promise, Problem, Provision. 

It would have been easier if David just went from being the anointed one to the crowned king. It could have been easier for Joseph if after his dream, the next major thing that would happen to him would be to be a ruler of a kingdom. We could also think of Moses, Daniel, etc.

It is easier, yes, but it would not help them.

We all should go through the same three phases. God has promised us a life with a fullness of joy. If we aren’t there yet, we might be in the “problem” phase right now. Don’t worry, the “provision” phase will come. Just remember all the three lessons that David learned when he was in the same phase. Think of all the great people in the Bible that had to overcome bigger trials than other people.  So if you are experiencing a major obstacle right now, brace yourself, you might be God’s next chosen hero.