This past weekend is one for the books! I was really expecting to have a quiet one, just spending it with Robert Fulghum but it ended up becoming wayyyy better. It started with a basketball game last Friday afternoon. I think I played better than the first time. Now, I can actually dribble, and I was able to play defense a lot better. Truth is, I was just glad that I got to have real exercise running up and down the court. I hung out with Lauren and Nicole afterwards.

The next day, Sabbath, was not totally a good day for me. Bradley had a booboo!!! šŸ˜„ šŸ˜„ šŸ˜„ No amount of crying emoticons could describe how heartbreaking it was. I really broke down and cried and had to call a friend for comfort. That night, I got invited to socialize with the Weimar Academy group, a group from the United States who did some medical, optical and dental mission here in Palau. I went with Lauren and Justin and it was fun. At that event, I also got invited to join the Rock Islands trip the next day with a big surprise…I was invitedĀ to DIVE!!!!

How cool is that?

The next day, we headed out to sea very early. The plan was to have just one dive, a dive to the Blue Corner, the most famous diving spot here in Palau where you would get to swim with sharks and see a lot of fishes. At that dive, I saw lots of sharks, napoleon wrasse, some barracudas, skip jacks, troupers, and a lot more. I was so thrilled because I haven’t dived for 3 or 4 years. I was amazed though by my control of my buoyancy. I was never good at that before but yesterday, it was just like walking on dry land. I was moving by instinct.

We went to Ulong beach and there was a channel next to it. There were four more tanks available, one was not full. Dr. Chang, the guy who is into underwater photography decided toĀ do a second dive which was not part of the plan andĀ invited me to join them again, I just had to use the tank that’s not full since I’m tiny. It was my first time to dive in that channel. The ocean had been so nice that day, we saw two leopard sharks up close! They were a good size too. One of them swam away after we were able to take a good look at it but the other one just stayed there, chilling, probably having his own siesta time or power nap. There was also a sea turtle and lots of snappers. Ulong Channel is beautiful. I love the coral formations there. It is also good for macro shots.

Other than the diving thrills, we went to the jellyfish lake. I passed as a Palauan. I would not discuss the details because I am not proud of what I did. *wink* I don’t know when was the last time I went there. We had to swim far to see them but man, they are plenty once you get to the right spot. Along the way to our different islands, we also spotted dolphins, we saw one sting ray, and lots of flying fishes. It’s amazing. It more than made up for the heartbreak I got the day before. I willĀ haveĀ the car fixed soon so I guess I’m ok with that. Those things really happen to cars especially when you drive a mini cooper off-road. hahaha…it wasn’t built for those kind of adventures.

Oh, and before the weekend ended, our team won in the soccer tournament! Finally, after years of waiting, a championship belt. No, I don’t play. I just cheer and support as if the whole game depended on my cheering abilities. So yeah, the uneventful weekend that I was expecting turned out to be one of the best weekends ever. Good times!

EDIT: It even got better, my weekend was extended. I had an awesome lunch and hangout session with the missionaries (so weird saying that because they’re my friends) by the KB bridge.


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