I was tasked to give the worship thought this morning. Until about 11 pm last night (my sleeping time), I was still not sure what to share. I looked at the old verses that I used in my sermons before, the verses I’ve been reading recently when I was going through something yet nothing seems to be the appropriate thought to share. I browsed through several devotional books and still nothing. I prayed ( I know, I should have done this first) and asked God to help me know what I should say. I found a book and I just looked for the shortest chapter that is so generic, like something that could be used by everyone anytime.

This morning, I had a reading about faith. After I read the chapter, all of a sudden, I just shared a past experience that I am not really proud of. While I was talking, there are times when I was feeling uneasy because I was exposing myself, the part of me that I am quite embarrassed to admit I have. I was looking at my colleagues and their reactions seem normal. I felt like it was a mistake to share that experience. Then, throughout the day, one by one, other staff members approached me and told me that I have shared an inspiring message. I was happy but I did not really gave it much thought…until tonight, when I remembered how I struggled the night before to come up with a worship thought.

It made me recall my audit experience. I was barely catching up with work when I was forced to accept an audit engagement. I did not know how the audit in the denomination goes and I have only three weeks to prepare. I have just familiarized myself with some of the transactions and the accounting process and there I was, required to prepare a full set of financial statements with audit schedules. I remember praying each night, asking God for guidance and wisdom and focus. Audit time came and I just had to give them whatever I have come up with, hoping that they would not find anything I totally had no idea about.

They found one thing and I felt a bit disappointed about myself for not learning it. That night, I brought some papers home and after the badminton game (there’s an ongoing tournament), I tried to figure out what and how that transaction is supposed to be shown in the FS. I thought I did an OK job, just enough to get by the whole audit process. I was surprised when at the end of the audit, the auditors loved me and said that I was so easy to work with, professional, helpful, etc. It was more than what I needed to hear. Again, I praise God because it was really Him. When I thought I was not doing an excellent job and I was already starting to feel a bit frustrated with myself, He interceded.

In my weaknesses, even without me knowing, He was showing His strength. His grace is definitely sufficient. Once again, He has proven that His strength is made perfect in weakness.


Author: ojgetsanotherblog

A hormonal, overly emotional know-it-all.

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