Lately, I have been slacking on being grateful. I think the things that are coming my way are the things that I have not prepared for. They are actually not things, they are people. They are not the people I expect to come and as much as I appreciate their presence in my life right now, they are not welcome. They CANNOT be welcome. I have asked God several times why they have to come. What is their purpose in coming into my life? I definitely enjoy the attention, yes, but I wanted to have something more stable, something that could really be mine, and all that, you know what I am talking about. I remember when I got my car from the shop; my gay bff was teasing me in all his gayness, that I would finally be able to catch a guy because I have a nice car. The shop manager said that I never had a problem catching a guy, even if I only had a bicycle. He said that my problem is I always catch the wrong ones. Darn straight.
So, the past weekend has been about the wrong guys and me complaining about it that I did not realize that I am wasting so much of my thoughts on them. But then, God, amazing as He is, sends people to remind me how blessed I am. Last Friday, here in the office, while we were chatting about random stuff, our office clerk just said, “You are so blessed, Ojhea.” I needed to hear it and I realized how true those five words are. I replied, “I am.” Today, on my way to the staff devotional, one Chinese student who was always sent to the Principal’s office gave me a hug and I was so surprised and delighted. It meant a lot to me because I’ve never seen him hug any other teacher and we barely talk. He just love looking at my braces whenever I try to talk to him when he’s here in the office.
After the worship, I went to buy breakfast. The cashiers know me and confirmed if I am working here in SDA School. I said yes and once again, someone said that I am so lucky. I went out of the store with a big smile. I know that God is talking to me today. Things might not be going perfectly in some areas of my life but in other areas, they are perfect. Some people would want to be where I am now and I should not forget that out of all the people who could be here, enjoying what I do and what I have, God chose me. God chose me to be here. I am definitely blessed. Thank you, Lord.

Edit: Plus I received a couple more compliments today from people that really matter, like their approval matters a lot; not just personally but professionally as well.


Author: ojgetsanotherblog

A hormonal, overly emotional know-it-all.

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