I am not sure if it was last week or two weeks ago when an office situation caught me off-guard. I know that our office manager is past her retiring age and I thought that she just doesn’t want to be idle that’s why she still keeps on working. Then, a lady came to the office and our clerk informed me that she is a candidate to fill out the office manager position ASAP.

I’m not gonna lie, I literally felt weak when I heard that. You see, when I came to this office, there was no turnover of responsibilities. I did not know where the files are, how the flow of accounting process goes, how the financial operation goes. I did not know anything. But Mrs. Wong, our office manager came to the rescue. She’s been working here for so long, you could ask her questions about things that happened 10 years ago and she could tell you the background of the event. She works without the need of supervision, totally different from the accounting staff I had in my previous job. To say it simply, even if I had a challenging task, she made it a whole lot easier for me.

Then I was told that she is retiring. I thought she was going to wait for the year to end. I was wrong, she will leave as soon as she’s able to train someone to replace her. I felt so lost, I honestly thought I was going to cry.

Yesterday, I was able to talk to her. I asked her when she plans to leave. She told me that she wants to enjoy her life. She’s already 67, she said she will be 70 soon so she wants to retire while she is still strong and can still enjoy what life has to offer. I totally agree with her. She earned it. She deserves it. So as much as I want her to stay so that my job won’t be as taxing, I also want her to enjoy. She’s like my mom here in the office, she always brings me food and makes sure that I’m doing well. I just hope that we will be able to find someone half as good as she is. I hope we find her soon so that Mrs. Wong could finally have the retirement that she deserves. Thanks for everything, Mrs. Wong! You are so awesome, you are one of the ladies I would always look up to and hope to be like when I grow up.


Author: ojgetsanotherblog

A hormonal, overly emotional know-it-all.

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