Yesterday, Sunday, was definitely not the best day for me. It started with going to PMA late in the morning to clean my car. I have planned that car cleaning for two days. I called first to make sure that everything I needed was there and then I drove on. I passed the school bus on my way to PMA and the guy in-charge of the maintenance stuff was driving it. Bad sign. When I got there, there was still an ongoing construction. Another bad sign. I went in the Quonset to look for the vacuum cleaner. It wasn’t there. I looked for our maintenance guy because I needed something fixed in the office. He wasn’t there. He went to the elementary campus already. And the vacuum cleaner? It’s also in the elementary campus (close to where I stay). I was already starting to feel frustrated, it was very hot, so I decided that I will just wash my car. The construction crew informed us that they need to turn off the water supply. I thought that was it for me so I decided to just head home and wash and vacuum my car in the elementary campus. When I got to the campus, I saw the maintenance guy and he said he could not do what I was asking him to do because the hardware was already closed. I said, ok, I’ll just wash my car…and then it started raining. I was already feeling crappy, I was looking crappy, and nothing seems to be going according to my plan.

I was just looking forward to watching the soccer game because I really enjoy it everytime but I was telling myself that I wouldn’t be surprised if the game gets cancelled. I went to the soccer field and the game did not start until about an hour and a half later than scheduled. It was just starting so we decided to grab some snacks…when we got back, the game was over. The opponents decided to forfeit the game after getting some calls they don’t like. I was like, “Why am I not surprised?”.

When I got home, I decided to do something special to make myself feel better. I planned my breakfast and lunch for the next day and decided to cook. I made a really spicy dish (fishballs in sambal sauce) for my dinner and I got the ingredients for a really good sandwich for my breakfast (turkey bacon, feta cheese, egg, alfalfa sprouts).

I was already starting to feel better when an FB messenger notification came. It was from my brother. We talked about his career plans, I gave him some advice, we caught up a bit, and that chat definitely made my day a lot better. So, as much as there were a lot of things that went wrong that day, there were at least two that went right before the day ended. My life is not perfect but it’s not that bad.


Author: ojgetsanotherblog

A hormonal, overly emotional know-it-all.

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