Our family never owned a house. We have never even stayed in a house for more than 5 years. The nature of my dad’s job requires us to move after every few years.
When filling up a form, I hate it when I have to fill in the blank for “Permanent Address”. I always, always have to pause and think. My permanent address keeps changing. I used to remedy the situation by using my grandparents’ address but when they died and the family home was sold, I am without a permanent address again.

Whenever I am in Manila, I have to rely on friends and hope that at least one of them would be willing to adopt me. God has been gracious, He never left me without a place to stay. He always provides.

When I turned 30, as life would have it, I was on an unintentional extended vacation. I was staying in a friend’s condo unit and for a year, I had a place I could call home.

That experience made me realize that now, I am willing to sacrifice traveling for the sake of investing in something that I could call home. Right now, just the thought of it gives me direction and purpose in working. I found a reason valuable enough to leave this country again and be away from my family. Right now, just looking at the prices of properties makes me think how I would ever be able to acquire one but I know that with dedication and commitment, I would be able to have it. God will provide. He always does. I might have to wait a little longer but it does not matter. God will give it when the time is right. In His perfect time. For now, I am just grateful to have found a purpose. I am working for a reason. I finally have a vision.



I’m currently watching CNN Philippines and they are showing Mongolia. I would really love to go there. I haven’t travelled outside the Philippines this year but I am hoping that one day, I would have the privilege to have a meaningful trip to that country. I don’t want to be just another tourist. I want to be a traveller, a learner. I want more than just epic poses and innumerable annoying selfies. I want a travel that would make a difference in my life. A girl can dream. Who knows, right?


I have not been doing much thinking lately. I have been a bum for quite a while and I am enjoying it. However, thoughts came to me a couple of hours ago and I know that those thoughts are going to help me in the future so I need to write it somewhere to make it easy to access should the need arise.

Here goes.

First, practice humility. Humility is different from low self-esteem or lack of confidence.

Which leads me to: develop quiet confidence. Lack of this leads to insecurity and a high risk of being an annoying show off.

So, be the master of your trade, learn, unlearn, relearn. They are all important. Be wise enough to discern.

Remember, have fear. Have the fear of losing something. Have the fear of making mistakes and losing opportunities. Have the fear of taking your blessings for granted. Have fear to develop courage. Have fear to develop your faith.

It is not cowardice, in fact, it is real bravery to accept that you have fears…and being able to tackle those fears head on.

One last thing, always do things right the first time. Just like playing the piano, even if you are already out of tempo, don’t move your fingers to the next keys if you don’t know yet where the right keys are. Accuracy is more important than speed.

That is all for tonight. Good night and have a good and blessed life ahead!