Stupid Is Forever: Getting a Glimpse of THE Miriam Defensor Santiago

This is the first book signing I ever went to. I would never have gone, I mean, I don’t easily get excited about celebrities. I’ve stayed four years in Palau and I’ve never asked the president of the Republic for a picture. I always volunteered to take the pictures instead. Even with the former president of the Philippines, I just rushed to see how short she was and that was it. But this is an exemption. In high school, whenever we have a presentation, I would always be the one assigned to impersonate her. Why is she special? She’s smart. She’s crazy, like, totally insane (that’s how my law professor used to describe her). She’s the most listened to Senator here in the Philippines. She’s battling cancer right now and you couldn’t even tell. She is such a strong woman. She ran for president in 1992 and the whole country believes she was cheated in the election. It’s hard to prove though and no one would even dare.

Anyway, the story of my experience. I got a message  last week from my friend that she will have a book signing today. Something came up and I have to run an errand, fortunately, somewhere close to the mall where it’s going to be held. My friend told me that she will be at the mall already at 10 am to make sure that we have a slot. I can’t go until 1 pm. The book signing schedule was 2 pm. After my errand, I went straight to the mall and I found her eating her lunch at McDonald’s. So, I was like, “what happened?” She said that there’s no hope for us anymore because the signed books were for the first 100 only and the photo-op up to the next 100. She was almost in when the guard told them that they reached the limit already. She was there 10 am, the mall opened 11 am. She did not realize that there are a lot of entrances to the mall and when it opened, she saw people running. She was wondering why they were running. Only when she reached the bookstore did she realize that they were running to be at the book signing session also. Too bad. Anyway, when Sen. Santiago came, we were outside, waiting at the entrance with a lot of other people…and then, she came in at the other entrance. LOL…I was able to see her a little bit close but did not have the chance for a photo op. These are some of the pictures I was able to get during the whole ordeal.

the crowd expecting her to pass this way…and got sorely disappointed. (that includes me!)
While I was trying to get a closer look.
that’s my friend waiting for her outside, the one with the camera
I was able to get a lot closer than this but not able to take a picture anymore. I got close enough to see her wrinkles. hahaha
I need a dictionary for this joke book. Seriously! It’s still funny though.

I’m going to give you a glimpse of what is inside. 

The dedication reads:

Dedicated to my sons

Archie and A.R.,
who traded bon mots with me everyday
at the dining table, until one day I
floored them with the question:
“Why is there something instead of
nothing?” In disgust, they chorused:
“That’s not funny!” and walked out.
Excuse me while I google bon mots.