A few days ago, I was ranting on Twitter about android apps.

Pardon the grammar lapses and redundancy of words, I was ranting, ok? Android and iPhone apps used to have the same icons. Then, Apple decided to make their look radically different, courtesy of their Senior Vice President of Design, Jonathan Ives. I personally did not like the design all that much at the beginning but I am not an iPhone user so it should not really bother me. After a while, I got used to their design (but I still did not update my Mac OS because Yosemite looks exactly like iOS and I’m still not very sure if I wanted my laptop to look like that). Anyways, a few days ago, my Android phone apps had updates and it made my phone look weird. Some of the icons look like the iOS icons, and some did not update so they still have the old look.

Just to show a bit of it:

Camera, Cymera and Camera 360 updated their icons already. The others did not bother.
Instagram and Instasize have also updated.  

Hence, the rant. It’s true that I started to consider buying an iPhone (not immediately, ok? I don’t base my phone decisions on app icons. LOL) so when we went to the phone store earlier today, I checked out the iPhone 6…and got VERY disappointed. Why would I not be? This is my phone today, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 which is already 2 years old.

This is iPhone 6:

Tell me that they do not look the same. On the other hand, Samsung released 2 phones, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Samsung Galaxy Alpha.
Galaxy Alpha
Note 4

Compare them with iPhone 5s

Samsung are changing their hardware designs to look more like an iPhone and iPhone, on the other hand…SMH. I’ve always looked up to Apple products due to the uniqueness of their designs. That is one thing that Steve Jobs really focused on before. He has this philosophy not to conform to what people think they want, he gives them something they have never considered before. Design was what made them a successful competitor of Microsoft. Designers were very much involved in Apple, they used to report directly to Steve Jobs. They were as important as the company’s programmers. I wonder what happened. Anyway, it’s good for my pocket. I would not be spending anytime soon unless my phone dies on me all of a sudden (knocks on wood). 


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