When I was still working in an office, I would always look forward to my office supplies running out so I can get new stuff to replace them with. That is why I enjoyed when I was assigned in Payables a few months before I left because I always needed those thingamajig. I would be ecstatic once the need to replenish my supplies come up. I love the stick-on notes, new pens (when we don’t have a nice one, I just buy my own…such a big spender, I know! LOL), new envelopes, glue stick, everything! Today, I had the luxury of going to National Bookstore and buying myself a fresh supply of everything I need for my job. Wow, it feels weird when I say I have a job.

From top: jotting notebook for my job, journal for my thoughts, pencils, eraser, pens, another jotting notebook for my writing practice

A few days ago, I told myself that I would not be buying a new journal anymore because I am using most of my time writing; I might not need to talk to myself when the day is done. I saw my old journal, however, and it put a huge smile on my face when I read the things I wrote. I can actually inspire myself when I read my thoughts from the past so I decided to keep on writing journals. My future self might thank me for it.

ready…write away!

It’s almost the same excitement when this happened four years ago:


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