Thanks to our Spanish colonizers, the Philippines is a country of fiestas! While the western world is busy with their trick or treat, the Filipinos are busy showing their departed loved ones their…love. Since Catholicism is the dominant religion in this country, they say Catholics are about 80% of the population, it has become a tradition to visit the grave of those who died and pray for them. Of course, being Filipinos, it has also become a time for family reunions. I have never been to the cemetery for this purpose my whole life. Primarily because I am a Seventh-Day Adventist and we have a very distinct teaching* with regards to death. Sure, we visit our loved ones’ graves every once in a while, basically, for a photo op.
Right outside the compound where my sister lives is one of Manila’s most beautiful cemeteries. She told me before that during this season, the place becomes a place for picnics and fiesta. Of course, when she said fiesta, it meant that lots of food stalls would pop up. If you know me well, you know that FOOD is a magic word. Since I have never celebrated halloween my entire life, I decided to go there this past weekend and see for myself how the place has transformed.

Just the small number of people who were still there when I went out. It was already Sunday afternoon. Most people were there since Friday night and left Sunday morning.
still more people
Some of the food stalls. What I came here for.

My nephew and his cousin who were excited about buying donuts and a hotdog sandwich. After they finished their food, all they wanted was to go home already. 
The poor bebeh girl. So tired from being awake. LOL

And this is my halloween selfie for ya! 

*Please click to find out more.


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