A few days ago, I was ranting on Twitter about android apps.

Pardon the grammar lapses and redundancy of words, I was ranting, ok? Android and iPhone apps used to have the same icons. Then, Apple decided to make their look radically different, courtesy of their Senior Vice President of Design, Jonathan Ives. I personally did not like the design all that much at the beginning but I am not an iPhone user so it should not really bother me. After a while, I got used to their design (but I still did not update my Mac OS because Yosemite looks exactly like iOS and I’m still not very sure if I wanted my laptop to look like that). Anyways, a few days ago, my Android phone apps had updates and it made my phone look weird. Some of the icons look like the iOS icons, and some did not update so they still have the old look.

Just to show a bit of it:

Camera, Cymera and Camera 360 updated their icons already. The others did not bother.
Instagram and Instasize have also updated.  

Hence, the rant. It’s true that I started to consider buying an iPhone (not immediately, ok? I don’t base my phone decisions on app icons. LOL) so when we went to the phone store earlier today, I checked out the iPhone 6…and got VERY disappointed. Why would I not be? This is my phone today, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 which is already 2 years old.

This is iPhone 6:

Tell me that they do not look the same. On the other hand, Samsung released 2 phones, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Samsung Galaxy Alpha.
Galaxy Alpha
Note 4

Compare them with iPhone 5s

Samsung are changing their hardware designs to look more like an iPhone and iPhone, on the other hand…SMH. I’ve always looked up to Apple products due to the uniqueness of their designs. That is one thing that Steve Jobs really focused on before. He has this philosophy not to conform to what people think they want, he gives them something they have never considered before. Design was what made them a successful competitor of Microsoft. Designers were very much involved in Apple, they used to report directly to Steve Jobs. They were as important as the company’s programmers. I wonder what happened. Anyway, it’s good for my pocket. I would not be spending anytime soon unless my phone dies on me all of a sudden (knocks on wood). 



When I was still working in an office, I would always look forward to my office supplies running out so I can get new stuff to replace them with. That is why I enjoyed when I was assigned in Payables a few months before I left because I always needed those thingamajig. I would be ecstatic once the need to replenish my supplies come up. I love the stick-on notes, new pens (when we don’t have a nice one, I just buy my own…such a big spender, I know! LOL), new envelopes, glue stick, everything! Today, I had the luxury of going to National Bookstore and buying myself a fresh supply of everything I need for my job. Wow, it feels weird when I say I have a job.

From top: jotting notebook for my job, journal for my thoughts, pencils, eraser, pens, another jotting notebook for my writing practice

A few days ago, I told myself that I would not be buying a new journal anymore because I am using most of my time writing; I might not need to talk to myself when the day is done. I saw my old journal, however, and it put a huge smile on my face when I read the things I wrote. I can actually inspire myself when I read my thoughts from the past so I decided to keep on writing journals. My future self might thank me for it.

ready…write away!

It’s almost the same excitement when this happened four years ago:


Have you ever experienced feeling so inspired and so blessed in the morning but at the course of the day, you feel getting drained and by the time you hit the sack, you feel so weak and exhausted and you know that you have to make an extra effort to feel better again emotionally (and most likely spiritually as well)? That was what happened to me yesterday and I am still feeling a little bit of it today.

I am just thankful that I am still a part of our church choir even if I don’t sing with them anymore. I am their official emcee for every concert because this is already the concert season and I could not catch up with all the choir pieces as of now. Plus, I only attended half a session of practice since I came back. I hope to get around to it in time. Right now, I still have a lot of catching up to do with family and friends that most of my Sundays are full. During the times I am just home, I am usually working. I got bills to pay…and things to buy.

Anyway, “we” had a concert today and I felt so blessed to be a part of the ministry in my own little way. After the concert, as usual, we had dinner together and it was a lot of fun. However, when I got to my place, I feel like something is wrong again. Something really feels off. Please don’t give me that you need to have a boyfriend BS because I know that feeling of wanting to have someone and this is NOT it. I don’t know. I’m probably just thinking too much. Or maybe I need to have a little more intimate conversation with God. Hashtag hoping for the best.

Anyway, here’s a random throwback gif from 2012. Palau days. For good vibes. Hashtag good times.


Thanks to our Spanish colonizers, the Philippines is a country of fiestas! While the western world is busy with their trick or treat, the Filipinos are busy showing their departed loved ones their…love. Since Catholicism is the dominant religion in this country, they say Catholics are about 80% of the population, it has become a tradition to visit the grave of those who died and pray for them. Of course, being Filipinos, it has also become a time for family reunions. I have never been to the cemetery for this purpose my whole life. Primarily because I am a Seventh-Day Adventist and we have a very distinct teaching* with regards to death. Sure, we visit our loved ones’ graves every once in a while, basically, for a photo op.
Right outside the compound where my sister lives is one of Manila’s most beautiful cemeteries. She told me before that during this season, the place becomes a place for picnics and fiesta. Of course, when she said fiesta, it meant that lots of food stalls would pop up. If you know me well, you know that FOOD is a magic word. Since I have never celebrated halloween my entire life, I decided to go there this past weekend and see for myself how the place has transformed.

Just the small number of people who were still there when I went out. It was already Sunday afternoon. Most people were there since Friday night and left Sunday morning.
still more people
Some of the food stalls. What I came here for.

My nephew and his cousin who were excited about buying donuts and a hotdog sandwich. After they finished their food, all they wanted was to go home already. 
The poor bebeh girl. So tired from being awake. LOL

And this is my halloween selfie for ya! 

*Please click to find out more.