Now, I got time to cook food that I want. 

I wish I have at least 10% of Kris Aquino when it comes to sharing about my life. As much as I want to do my best to let my friends know what I am up to, sharing is not really one of my life skills. I may  be loud but you don’t get that much info about me from me. Anyway, this is me trying.

It’s been more than two months since I left the paradise island called “Palau” and I moved back to my beloved country, in the concrete jungle of Metro Manila. I did not have any solid plans coming back. All I know is, when I get back, I would rest for a while. That’s how far my plan was. I also know that I would have to find my own place because I’m used to living alone. But I did not know where. All I did was pray to God about my plans for several months. FYI, God’s work in my life is always full of surprises. That’s why, when I plan, I had to make sure that I do my best to make that plan work but not to get too attached because God seems to be having fun making surprising twists in my life. Every.single.time. Hashtag I’m not good with surprises.

from this paradise
to this city

Anyway, I was just waiting on God to show me where I’d go next. When I got home (August 19), it was a holiday the next day. I was planning to go to DFA to have my passport renewed because I already booked a flight to Korea in September (while I don’t have an approved tourist visa yet). I could not schedule a passport appointment, so I went to my hometown to be with my family. I missed them and it was fun bonding with them again.

family dinner

Before I left for Bicol, which is my province, a good friend messaged and asked if I have a place to stay already and what my plans were. I said I don’t know yet. She asked me if I wanted to stay in her condo to manage the dues and pay the bills on time and maintain the unit. I was like, wow! God’s miracle #1 right there. I did not expect much about the appearance of the unit because all of the units I’ve been to are cramped. It’s funny because at the beginning of the year, I posted a photo of my dream place and surprise, surprise…this place I got now is quite similar. The unit far exceeded my expectations of a Metro Manila condo. I should say, my friend has got an excellent taste!

from my blog:

no need for alarm clock. the view from my room.

the view below

Another surprise from God: I was NOT approved to have a Korean Visa. I need to have a job certification. I am unemployed. The embassy said I failed to prove strong ties with the home country because my passport showed that I just arrived a few weeks ago.

So, some of the things that happened since I got back: I got to be reunited with some of my friends, with my old students, got to attend a high school reunion, celebrated my birthday here, made giant bubbles for my nephew, babysat my niece, and got a part-time job (under the name of my sister) that does not require me to go anywhere. Bonus: I can go swim anytime I want. The air is not as fresh, heck not even close, to what Palau got, but at least, whenever I feel migraine coming, I just get into my swimsuit and swim for at least 30 mins and tadah! No more migraine 😀

one of the family reunions i was finally able to attend

dining out with my friends from here again

with some of my high school classmates during the reunion
get-together with my former students

some of my favorite street foods (isaw=grilled chicken intestines, kwek-kwek=quail eggs fried in flour)

with some of my family and friends for my birthday picnic

making giant bubbles for my nephew
with my new niece

my nephew enjoying the pool

God is really good. I’m still making baby steps in trying to establish even just a little stability here but God is on my side. He’s got everything under control. No need to worry here. Do I miss Palau? HECK, YEAH! But I am also happy where I am now. I read a post on Pinterest once that said, “You don’t need a vacation. You need a life you don’t want to escape from.” Glad to say, I am in that state right now.