The Truth About Love Is….

What I’ve been reading the past couple of nights.


This is about a guy named Pat who has a personality disorder and has just been discharged from a mental facility and went to live with his parents. He sees his life as a movie and he believes in happy endings. His sole reason for everything he does is to be able to reunite with his wife, Nikki. He goes to a therapist regularly. He did not have a sense of time while in the facility and he cannot remember the details of how he got there. He remembers that he was mentally abusive to her before but he learned in his sessions that he would rather be nice than right.

This is also about Tiffany. She felt so guilty about the cause of her husband’s death that she developed a personality disorder. She loves dancing.

This lines toward the end of the book are what really got me:

“I’m a screwed-up person who no longer knows how to communicate with the people I love.” -Tiffany

Almost immediately the field turns white, and this is when Tiffany whispers the strangest thing. She says, “I need you, Pat Peoples; I need you so fucking bad,” then she begins to cry hot tears onto my skin as she kisses my neck softly and sniffles. It is a strange thing for her to say, so far removed from a regular woman’s “I love you,” and yet probably more true.

“I think I need you too.”

In a way, I think all of us are demented, some are better in hiding it than others. That, I think, is what makes us need other people.