Happiness #1

I have a PDF copy of this book. I forgot where and when and how I got it. I was browsing my e-book files 

and this caught my attention again. I’ve been looking for anything that boosts happiness all over the internet in the past few days because of the depressing news from home and from my Facebook news feed. So now, I decided to share 1 rule of happiness at a time.

“Some pursue happiness, others create it.”

– Unknown

Here goes the first rule:


It’s so tempting to feel sorry for ourselves specially when we know that we have reasons to be. We wallow in self-pity and just act like victims of circumstances.
We do it for several reasons. It could be that we feel like the main character in our favorite Filipino soap opera where 95% of the scenes would be her crying (the other 5% is flirting with the leading man) and in the end, everything turns out good for her.
Or we love the sympathy we’re getting from our family and friends because someone did something bad to us and we need all the attention we could possibly get.
I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. The only problem is you hinder your own progress because as long as we’re thinking that we’re miserable, we will be miserable.
So whatever might have caused you to feel sorry for yourself is already in past. You have to decide that you would not be a victim of that anymore and life has a lot more happiness to offer.
Always remember that everyone gets dealt with a bad hand every once in a while. It’s how you play your cards that matters.

Reminder: You’re awesome, you’re doing fine. Let’s party!


A Very Great Morning

I got the picture above in my email today. It is very timely because I have just been consumed by a lot of negativity lately. This is a good reminder to us all, especially to the Filipinos who have been bombarded with all kinds of wrong in the political arena. 

Somehow, my devotional verse this morning is
 John 14:14 “If ye shall ask anything in my name, I will do it.”  

After getting those messages, I just kept smiling for no reason. I believe that this day will be a great day, full of positivity. I will not be posting any rants today, I promise. I will only express all things positive (God help me).

So, to anyone out there who needs some dose of positivity, this is your shot for today. Life is great, we are alive, let’s celebrate!