Dream Destination

My mom told me this morning that we have to Skype tonight and I told her I have a game, I would go online after. Now, I told my sister to tell her to go online and she told me that my mom is already asleep. Wow, mommy, really?

I just want to share that last Saturday, Cassey, one of the members of the Pathfinder Club asked me if I want to join her to Japan in December for a week. Oh wow, Japan is one of my dream destinations! I’ve been to five countries in Southeast Asia (Philippines not included) already so I said to myself that my next destination should either be Japan, South Korea or China. It’s been a couple of days since she asked me and I can’t stop thinking about it. Gaaahhhh!!!! You have no idea how a travel suggestion affects me. I’m still thinking of a way to make it happen. I’ll totally pray about it. Any willing sponsors? Any odd jobs available? Hashtag serious question.

who wouldn’t want to be here???? (photo used without permission from island.com)



Bucket List Check (Kind Of)

Sure, I have bungee jumping and seeing the pyramids in my list but since the time I came to Palau, I’ve always imagined myself driving alone, going to the sea shore and watching the sunset. I usually work until 6 pm so there’s no time to go and watch the sunset because by the time I leave the office, it’s already dark. I also wanted to do it on a Friday afternoon so that I would be alone with God to meet the Sabbath. Today, finally, I was able to do it.

T-Dock at Koror, Palau

Mr. Sun peeking


Yep, it doesn’t take much to make me happy.

A Guy Named Ana?

Me: Hi, aren’t you the guy from the other night?

Guy: Yeah. Can I join your table?
Me: Sure.
Lebuh King (King St.), Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia. 
used without permission from scoutfai.blogspot.com
It was the last of my 3-day stay in that place. I packed my stuff earlier as I was required to checkout before lunch. I decided I would have a brunch in the Indian restaurant right across my dorm. As my order was being taken, I heard a guy behind me, talking to another waiter. I took a quick glance and I thought he looked familiar. I realized he was the guy my roommate and myself had shared a table with a couple of nights before when we ate at a very crowded street. 
Georgetown is a place full of backpackers. I love the vibe in that place. You can talk to almost everyone, share your backpacking stories and share notes about your next destinations. Hangout and dinner places are usually full at night. If you are traveling solo, just as I was, you have to exercise your social skills. 
Guy: Sorry, but what was your name again?
Me: OJ. Like…juice. What’s yours?
Guy: Ana.
Me: Ana? That’s a girls name in my country.
Guy: Good. It would be easy for you to remember it then.
OJ: Right.
We talked for about 2 hours while having our brunch. It was also his last day in the place and he’s going back to Germany once he gets to KL. 
Ana: I’m actually excited to go home. I’ve been backpacking for three months. There’s a lot of stuff waiting for me at home. I moved to a new pad, I got cool roommates, and I have a lot of research to do.
OJ: You don’t have that “researcher aura” in you.
A: Why? What do you mean?
O: Well, you seem to take research seriously and the people I know who are serious in research look nothing like you (like he has a lip-piercing, hair is a bit long, cute rugged look).
A: Well, I’m a geologist so my research is Indiana Jones kind of stuff. I did my thesis in Oman.
O: Wow, that’s impressive. I wish the work I’m going back to is as adventurous. 
A: Where do you work?
O: Palau.
A: How long have you stayed there?
O: 3 years now. I’m thinking of where to go next after a year. I might move again. 
A: Where are you going next?
O: I don’t know yet. Honestly, I’m a bit scared.
A: You’ll be fine.
O: You think?
A: I’m positive about it. (eye twinkles)
That’s what I love about the trip. Whenever you meet backpackers, they each have their story to tell why they went out and left everything to explore the world. Just like my roommate Renee, she quit her job, and just decided to go backpacking for a year. She said she does not know what’s going to happen to her when she gets back to US. She just decided to leave. My other roommates are a Russian couple. They left Russia, decided to explore the world and try their luck in youtube (search and subscribe to their channel if you want, their handle is “goodbyenormals”). The guy said they have a TV offer already but they declined because he does not want to be limited to what the producers want. He also suggested that I try Russia when I’m done with Palau. 
That is why I love Georgetown. It is full of people who have decided to explore and I felt like I was absorbing their positivity and sense of adventure. I look at their decisions and I feel a little bit braver to let go of the things that are stable, that are comfortable. 
A: I’m good in cooking too. (smile)
O: Oh, really now? (laugh)

What I Realized From Miley Cyrus

She’s all over the world wide web now after that twerking almost naked with her mile-long tongue sticking out, and that video of her licking a sledgehammer and riding a wrecking ball naked. The netizens have called her a sl*t and she defended herself saying that people were missing the point of that video. It’s supposed to have a deeper meaning to her because of her breakup with her fiance and so on.

Uhm…yeah…because when your heart gets broken, you should totally get naked to let everyone know your pain.

It’s not that I don’t believe her. It’s just that when I see a video of a naked woman licking a sledgehammer, I see a naked woman licking a sledgehammer. I haven’t seen a male singer who went through breakup who had to go naked and lick some, I don’t know, a forklift or something? Sorry, I can’t think of any appropriate object right now.

It is very common for girls who went through a breakup to make an effort to make him “realize what he’s lost.” It’s ok if your course of action after is to go to the gym to make yourself healthier or focus on yourself a little more and develop a new skill. I strongly advice against jumping into another relationship immediately to make your ex jealous or go flirting with someone whom you know likes you (but you don’t really like him back). Or painting your face with so much makeup to make you look “pretty” (unless you know how to apply makeup properly), you might just end up looking like a clown. What I realized is this, it’s not always about revenge or making him realize your value.  I think it’s more of YOU knowing YOUR value and just walking away. Why? Because if your actions are still based on how he is going to feel, you would still be under his control.

Just focus on yourself and how to make yourself better and happier for YOUR OWN SAKE. You might even want to wish him real happiness in life. It’s very liberating.

One last thing…KEEP YOUR CLOTHES ON.

Accidents Do Happen

This thing happened right after meeting “that” guy (see previous post). I said it was a long night because it really was. On my way home, I met an accident. I did not even post this in Facebook because I know how exaggerated my mom’s reaction to everything is, she would definitely freak out and ask me about details non-stop for at least two weeks even if I already showed her that I barely even had a scratch (Mommy, this is a joke so don’t overreact…see what I did there? *wink*).

So I was driving (obviously), in the MAIN road. I had to emphasize that just so you all know that it wasn’t my fault. It’s my first accident so I have to be all defensive here, you know. I was going probably 40kph (which according to the policeman who gave me license was the speed limit). Then all of a sudden, a car came out. I hit the brakes but then it was too late. Good thing I was not really going that fast because God knows how bad I could have had it. My upper lip just hit the steering wheel because of the abrupt stop and I wasn’t wearing my seatbelt. Yes. I don’t know if anyone ever uses a seatbelt in this island. 
Oh well, thank God I was spared and as one of my officemates said, “Wow, it’s so cool that you had your first accident and it wasn’t your fault!” Yes. I also appreciate that we did not have to call the police and just settled among us. My car has been fixed, no worries! I’m glad I was able to keep my composure throughout the whole ordeal. No panicking for me. I even decided not to end my night yet after that. Yup.

before and after the makeover.

Discussing Religion Over a Fruit Bat Soup

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to dine out with a total stranger. He’s a european who is based in Japan. I’m not going into details how that happened. Let’s just go to the part where we are ordering our respective meals and trying to tell “interesting stuff” about each other. He decided to order a fruit bat soup aside from the grilled fish.

Of course, the questions like, “how do you find Palau” and “what kept you busy staying on this island” came up. I told him that basically, my life here is work, badminton, and church. Those are the routine stuff.

And then this conversation happened:

Him: You go to church?
Me: Yeah.
H: If there’s one thing I hate about Palau, it’s seeing the signs of these different churches. In the live-aboard ship, there were two missionaries. They were nice, of course, but I really don’t like them. How can you be so arrogant to think that you are right and these people are wrong? These religions destroyed the natural state of the island. Religion was invented years ago when we couldn’t explain a lot of things.
M: There’s science now to explain things?
H: Yes. All these religion stuff are just myths. They are like Zeus. Nobody believes in Zeus anymore.
M: Are you an atheist?
H: Yes. That’s what I like about Japan, they don’t have a lot of these “god” stuff.
M: From where are you, originally?
H: I’m from Great Britain. People in Europe now are going in to this line of thinking already. Germany, Denmark…they know better now.
M: *shrugs*

Then the fruit bat soup came. I can’t decide which is worse. The conversation or the sight of a bat corpse.

See those fangs? Bon appetit!

It has been a long night.